My 7 year old uses Village on an old iPhone 5 that has been retire for a few years. It's fun for her because it feels like 'her phone.' Talk about a win-win.

Here's what I did

  1. Charge the device if it's been a while
  2. Factory reset the device to remove all the old apps and pictures
  3. Setup a new Apple ID with a new icloud email address that only I have access to
  4. Set parental controls. The only one I cared about is requiring parental permission to download apps (it's always monitored usage)
  5. Download Village from the app store
  6. Create a Village account and start messaging!

Now she's able to connect with all her family and a few friends who are on Village.  No more asking me to message so-and-so or to use my phone. Talk about empowerment!

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