Account Types

Summary of Parent and Child accounts

Within Village any user that is under the age of 18 is classified as a "Child" account and everyone else is an "Adult/Parent." Since it's based on birthdays, it's essential that everyone registers with the right DOB.

Only Parent accounts can link to Child accounts

To set up your family, your account must be setup as an adult/parent over 18 years old. 

If you're linking to an existing kid account, they must have used their correct date of birth during registration.

Only Parent accounts have access to Insights & Controls

To access Village's exclusive safety features, your must have a Parent account and at least one linked kid account.

Multiple households

In blended households, it is possible for you and a co-parent to see different sets of kids based on your situation. Simply have one parent setup the accounts and the other parent can then link to the kids for which they have responsibility.

Age restriction

Kids must be 13 years or older to create their own account on Village Social. Parents may create an account for their kids under the age of 13.

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