Asking for parents' permission to use Village Social

Village Social is designed for all ages

First of all, if your parents have technology limits, they do it because they love you and care about your well being. As parents ourselves, we respect that.

These points will help you discuss how Village Social is different from social media.

Safety first

Concern: website you can visit are restricted and we don't want to unlock your browser.
Response: most parental control tools provide an option to allow certain URLs (web sites). Add to the approved sites.

Concern: we don't allow social media.
Response: Village Social isn't social media. Social media features 1) ability to find people including strangers; 2) ability to discover content typically in an unrestricted way; 3) share personal information publicly. 

Village Social doesn't support the defining features listed above. 1) Village requires people to know your exact username, phone # or email to find you; 2) there isn't content discovery - you only see posts an messages from people your connected with; 3) you can only share information with contacts you know.

Concern: we don't want strangers messaging you.
Response: first, for someone to message you they need to now your exact username, so don't choose an obvious username! Second, parents have the option to receive an alert every time a new conversation is started. That means parents will know immediately if someone they don't recognize messages you.

Supporting digital well-being

Concern: we don't want you addicted to apps.
Response: Village follows humane design principles including limiting notifications. Plus parents can set limits on what features and how much the app can be used.

Concern: we don't want you seeing ads.
Response: Village Social is ad free.

Remember the Positives (a few of them at least)

Positive #1: it's a digital world and it's responsible for kids to learn learn how to use tools effectively. Village Social is a great way to message and share with friends without the dangers of social media

Positive #2: Village Social lets parents be involved with exclusive Parental Insights and Controls that help provide a safer learning environment.

Positive #3: Village Social helps kids build authentic friendships by focusing on people you know in real life without the gimmicks of vanity metrics (likes, streaks, followers, etc).

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