How is Village different from Social Media?

Village Social is NOT social media

Social media such as instagram, snapchat, YouTube, and Tik Tok all have the following features:

  1. Content discovery - kids have access to and are even targeted with vulgar, sexual and other harmful content.
  2. Easy to find strangers - social media makes it easy to connect with strangers. Even with a private Instagram account, comment on a celebrities post puts your name out there for the world to see and to send you a direct message.
  3. Share personal information publicly -  social media is all about sharing your life in a public manner. There are vanity metrics (snap streaks, likes, etc), FOMO, lack of privacy, and many harmful mental health effects.

What you don't do is just as important as what you do

Village Social is focused on being healthy for users.

  1. No vanity metrics - Stop worrying about snap streaks, likes and follows. It's not a competition, it's life. Share it with those who matter most.
  2. No addictive feeds - Feeds filled with ads, influencers and fake news are gone so you can focus on real life. Talk about liberating. 😎
  3. No discovery - Bye bye 'Kardashians', oddly satisfying videos and click bait. We get that discovery can fuel passion, but wasting hours watching is nothing compared to actually doing things that make you happy.
  4. No explicit images - Scientists create advanced algorithms to addict users. It's no surprise that sex sells, and social media feeds often push explicit content in front of our kids. Not only did Village get rid of feeds, it also blocks all explicit images before they are sent or shared.

Village Social supports authentic relationships

Free from the bad influences above, Village Social helps users enjoy real conversations with people they know in real life.

  1. Create a more positive environment where kids are free from sexting.
  2. Share moments that matter free from competition for likes.
  3. More focus on actually engaging with friends instead of endlessly scrolling.

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