Why can't I see messages with alerts?

Balancing privacy and safety

Receiving an alert can be concerning, and it's entirely natural to want the information to protect your kid. 

Talk with your kid

When you receive an alert, talk with your kid about it. You may have created a smartphone agreement that you can follow for handling the situation.

If not, do you want to have an understanding that you can access their device whenever you want? Or do you want the passwords to their accounts? In either case, you can use these options to see their messages.

Building trust and teaching responsibility

Message details aren't shared, because, for many families, this is counter productive to building trust and teaching responsibility. Village Social is designed to protect them from worst dangers, such as predators and sexting. Most of the remaining risks are within the bounds of reasonable teaching opportunities. 

Village Social isn't a spy tool to give complete access, but rather a tool for kids to learn and parents to teach responsible technology use.

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