Content Alerts

Innovative tools for parents

As a family focused app, Village balances empowering kids with technology and giving parents tools to help their kids stay safe and learn. 

Customizable alerts

On the controls page, you can customize the settings that are best for your kids.

  1. Explicit images are blocked automatically - images flagged as containing nudity or sexual content are blocked and do not trigger an alert.
  2. Receive alerts for messages - this turns on automated message reviews for profanity, sexual content, and other offensive language. If inappropriate content is detected, you will be alerted with the category of the content
  3. Ignore mild profanity and offensive language - this excludes the typical 4 letter words and common 'playground taunts' to avoid alerts you'd rather ignore.
  4. Receive alerts for images - images that are suggestive or involve limited clothes (including bathing suits) can be set to trigger an alert. When this setting is on you'll receive an alert, including the category or categories that caused the alert.

When an alert is triggered you will receive a message like below.

Image Alerts

Message alerts

Notification that alerts were activated

If alerts are off and you activate them, your kid will receive a message to provide transparency and build trust.

Wondering why we don't share the content behind the alerts? Learn more here.

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