Parental Controls Explained

Kid-proof options from your phone

Controls are the companion to Insights that provide an intuitive way to customize your kid’s experience. Access controls from the top right part of the Insights (shield) page.

Controls explained

  1. Receive new conversation notices - alert any time your kid interacts with someone new in individual or group message or social post
  2. Child can send & receive media - when off all images, videos and gifs are invisible to your kid.
  3. Child can edit profile - When on your kid can change their profile picture and description
  4. Gif Rating - all gifs are reviewed by people at and assigned a movie rating equivalent of Y, G, PG, or PG-13. R-ratings and above are blocked from appearing on Village.
  5. Daily message limit - this is an input to be used by the next item. The message count includes individual, group and social posts. Note: your kid can still send and receive messages even once the limit is reached.
  6. Alert when messages exceed limit - receive an alert once the message limit is exceeded.
  7. Receive alerts for messages - all messages are screened for profanity, sexual content, self harm violence and other keywords. You’ll be alerted when a message occurs and who it was with. To respect your kids privacy, it won’t include details of the message, but it may be a good idea to check-in or even keep their password on record.
  8. Ignore mild profanity and offensive language - when appropriate you can disable alerts for less offensive language such as the common ‘four letter words.’
  9. Receive alerts for images - images can be flagged for suggestive content or partial nudity. Parents have the option to receive alerts for these message, but they can still be sent.
  10. Image blocking - this isn’t an option but rather a feature of Village. Any image recognized as explicit or graphic, including nudity, is blocked from the platform. Sexting will now be a thing of the past as long as families all use Village.

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