Navigating: overview of the icons and getting around

Navigation icons

Village Social is designed with a simple and easy to use interface.

Bottom menu from left to right

  1. Heart - your favorites and memories
  2. Square with tiles - your social posts (created and received)
  3. Message bubbles - your area to chat
  4. Shield - Parental Insights & Controls
  5. People - find contacts and see who you know on Village Social

Settings menu

Settings menu is accessible from your avatar on the chat screen in the upper left corner. In settings you can:

  1. Account menu - update mobile #, email, password & add family members
  2. Profile - change your avatar and add a personal introduction
  3. Subscription - Village Social is ad free and will always have a free option for users! Soon we will be offering a monthly subscription for premium features for parents.
  4. FAQ & Help - access our FAQs and chat with the Village team on any questions you may have.
  5. Legal - privacy policy and terms of use
  6. Logout - logout of your Village Social account

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