Finding Contacts who have Joined

Village Social is a private network

As a private social network we protect your privacy while helping you connect with people you know. This means there aren't friend or people-you-may-know suggestions. You can connect with people with their exact username, phone number or email. Finding your contacts is the quickest way to get messaging on Village.

Import contacts from your device

Go to the contacts screen then tap 'import contacts.' You'll see a popup when complete and your contacts appear below the import button.

Switch to the 'Contacts' tab

Across the top menu bar there is the 'find & invite' tab that is the default and the 'contacts' tab. Switch to the contacts tab and you'll see a list of your contacts with Village accounts. Note your contacts must use the same email or phone number you have in your contacts!

Start messaging

Click the message icon to start a chat with your contact. Or you may add them to your Village contacts for future reference.

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