Updating Account Information

Account information

The account information page is where you update your personal information and add family members.

First, navigate to the settings page by tapping your avatar on the chat screen. Then click the Account option.

Update your personal information

Add your mobile phone #

Help your friends find you on Village Social by adding your mobile phone number to your account page. When friends join and import their contacts, they will be able to find and message you.

Just tap the area that says "Mobile" type in your 10-digit mobile number. You will receive a text message with a code to verify your phone number.

Update your email or password

Update your email or password by selecting the field. When you're done editing, tap anywhere else on the screen and your changes will be automatically saved.

User names

At this time, user names can not be changed. This functionality will be available in the near future.

Add family member(s)

Create a new kid account
Tap the "+" icon for the option to create a new account for one of your kids. Complete the form with the necessary information and the new account is automatically linked to your account for Insights and Controls

Link to an existing account
Tap the link icon to add another adult or kid account to your family. After choosing the spouse or child option, you'll have to find them with their exact user name, phone number or email.

The family member will be asked to accept your request before being added to your account.

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